My Story

Dear Friend,

Glad you would like to find out more about me. I’ve summed up quite a bit here in terms of the lessons I’ve learnt in my years so that you can benefit from them too.

Key themes include:

  • Getting clear and finding your way.
  • Thriving through the challenging times.
  • Coming together to serve a common purpose.

More importantly – You will see that successes, failures and “imperfections” all contribute to having a fulfilling human experience.

Let’s start…

Early Years

I started my early years in Perth, Australia but moved to Geraldton at the age of 10.

Whilst I had many friends, played a lot of sports, and was generally engaged in most activities, I still had the experience of never quite “fitting in”. And the more I reflect, I realize it is quite common for a teenage female to never feel quite comfortable with who they are. To always be discovering and making-sense of this thing called ‘identity’.

Here’s the funny thing – That’s not how everyone felt about me! In fact, I am told that people thought I had it good, and that I loved my life!

On the Surface, it’s Hard to Tell What People are Going Through

It’s true you can’t judge a book by its cover hey? Knowing this has really allowed me to connect and appreciate others’ irrespective of how strange outside what’s considered ‘normal’ their behavior may be.

Work Ethic

At the age of 12, I got my first job at a local supermarket – Yay! I was earning my own money throughout high school…

Thanks to my boss John Fisher, I learnt the importance of serving the community and making sure you tie your business’ success to it. John always respected us as staff, and from that early age, I learnt there are actually two customers you must serve in order to run a fulfilling business…

  • 1. Your Staff
  • 2. Your Community

John used to provide jobs for many school kids just like me, and every Christmas he would take the time to meet our families, bring us all food and wine.

A Business’ Purpose is to Provide Value to the Community and Its Staff

Today, I have adopted this philosophy and am helping young girls find their way in the business world too. If it’s something they don’t like, that’s fine! Either way, we support them to uncover their gifts, and explore what options they have in life and business…

Career and Life Mentorship for the Next Generation!

Trying a Conventional Path

Growing up, I was always pressured to go to university and get a “stable” job. In fact, so much so that I used to have arguments with Mum and Dad regarding what I was going to do after HIGH school finished.

But I hadn’t found my passion yet and I didn’t want to just commit to a university course doing “whatever”, and pot-holing me into a specialized career path!

So I’ll let you in on a little secret – I deliberately sabotaged my high school marks so I didn’t have to go to Uni.

In fact, you could say I got straight A’s when it came to avoiding a mainstream path!

Going Solo

At age 18, just out of school, I moved to the big city of Perth! There I worked at Woolworths as a supervisor for 12 months, and leveraged my 6 years of customer experience to start earning a full-time living of my own.

Unfortunately, this path didn’t end so well. I ended up in a car accident that put me in a wheelchair for 3 months, and crutches for another 3 months.

During that time, I underwent hours of rehab, and had a lot of time to think and really get to know myself better. I even returned to the family business (even though I swore I was never going to! ), and worked as a receptionist. I was enjoying my time in Geraldton more than ever before…

I had a good set of friends, my role as a customer service representative was energizing, and I got to meet and interact with people from all walks of life.

I finally ‘owned’ that I shone the most when it came to building relationships with people and the community! And today that, has been one of the core drivers for a sustainable business…

Accidents can Gifts in Disguise!

Taking a Trip

Soon I had saved enough money to go travelling around the UK and Europe on a working holiday visa. I got a job with a telemarketing company, hitting the phones hard and eventually ended up in HR doing training and recruitment for the firm…

How did I end up in HR? I still don’t know for sure!

I suppose people saw that I had a knack for it, and before I knew it I was learning more & more about creating high performing teams and human behavior.

Fresh Perspective

After 12 months abroad, I returned to Australia and decide “Y’know what? I’m going to give that university thing a shot!”

Wow – The one thing I avoided had come full circle! So I enrolled in a primary school teaching degree, and if there were lessons that came out of that experience, they would be as follows:

  • 1. I enjoy practical learning
  • 2. Conventional university education was by far the best way to put me to sleep.
  • 3. I got distinctions without ever trying and that felt really inauthentic

You can guess that I didn’t stay long! I was so disheartened by the fact that here we were, becoming the teachers of the next generation and yet I could get by with just “winging” it?

I Affirmed that Experiential Learning Was Best for Me!

Family and Business

While at Uni, I met my husband (Warrick) and we moved back to Geraldton intent on raising a family. Both our parents were in Geraldton so there was a solid support structure available to us.

During this time, I returned yet again to the family business and learnt how to do Tax Returns (yes – I did). I didn’t particularly enjoy it, but after a year or so, my first child was born and I stopped working.

Over time, I went back to work in the family business (ITP) whilst Warrick provided financial planning and tax return services to his clients.

But work time didn’t last long for me because a 14 months later, I gave birth to twins!

I know – bit of a rollercoaster hey?

Anyhow, now I had to raise three children of my own! But I had a balance, so I joined charities, did volunteer work and caught up with other friends who were also raising their families.

Power of Community

As I raised my children, Warwick got quite ill. He suffered from heart problems and back issues. At one stage his heart was only working at 20% capacity.

It was tough because he was flying to Perth then back to Geraldton to get treatment and his wellness was up and down. But Warrick was committed to working hard and not letting illness get in the way of providing for his family.

It got even tougher during the GFC (2008/2009). His financial planning business folded and in 2010, he filed for bankruptcy. Because Warrick was out of business, I returned to work whilst he spent some time to recover his health…

Could Anything Else Go Wrong?

Sadly yes. At the start of 2011 he passed away from pneumonia.

Thankfully, several weeks before Warrick passed, I had done my first personal development course. This in part allowed me to hold things together.

My team at work, family and the greater community did anything they could to help out. Midwest Charity provided me emotional support, and for 6 months, my business team made sure everything was operating whilst I took the time to “get my head together”.

In fact, that’s when my business grew, clients stayed happy and things were still running so smoothly that I felt all I did was turn up to work!

Trust Your Team To Get On With It!

Scary and Exciting Times

As time passed, I really invested in developing and nurturing my team. Thanks to this, I was able to run all seven business offices from Geraldton.

I started pouring resources into my own personal development and well-being, because Warrick had opened my eyes to the responsibility I had to my family, team and greater community.

I am proud to say that to date, I have built a trusted Australian professional services business, managing over 10,000 transactions per year across 7 different offices!

Build the Team and the Trophies Will Come!

I am constantly learning and developing to empower myself to help more and more people live a life both powerfully, and on purpose.

Life is far from a smooth ride. It’s important to understand that how you relate to those events can either be useful or non-useful…but you do have a choice.

If you want to learn the key principles that helped me thrive through the times, then I invite you to connect with me!

Looking forward,

Melissa Simpson