1 – Customer Service

A business stays a business because it has customers. But more importantly, customers stay loyal to the business if you take the time to build trust, understanding and commitment to excellence in service/delivery.

2 – Investing in Staff Development

A business is a business because of its people. Therefore, investing in staff development and fulfilment is the best way to ensure a healthy, happy and productive environment.

Whilst there is a risk of investing of growing your staff and having them leave, it is much better than not investing in their development and having them stay! ☺

3 – Fostering Community

Ultimately, business is one that provides value in some shape or form to the community. To be sustainable, businesses must recognise that they are one piece of the greater whole.

The more aligned your profitability is to community care, the more empowered your community is to serve one another.

And more importantly – to serve those in need!

4 – Generation Change

Beyond just making money and enjoying my life, there is an inherent desire for me to leave a legacy for my children, their children, and their children’s’ children.

By fostering community and shifting the paradigm of how business is approached, I look to pave the way for many generations to come.