Sanctuary for Success – 4 Day Retreat

Melissa Simpson


The Sanctuary for Success is Melissa’s signature 4-day exclusive retreat held in exotic locations such as Fiji and Bali, with the focus of aligning all aspects of life to create a balanced and vital experience.

As the name implies, it is a safe place free from the stresses of a busy life, allowing participants to escape the ‘noise’ in order to have the mental and emotional space to work on their lives.

It’s Like the Holiday that Pays you to Play!

Melissa’s retreat is limited to 15 women only, and is by application only.

Results you can expect

To get a feel for what sort of business and life results you might get, check out Melissa’s testimonials.

Who it is for

The Sanctuary for Success is open to individuals who want to improve all areas of their life, and to do so in a fun, communal and relaxing way:

Key areas covered as part of creating your version of a fulfilled life include:

  • 1. Relationships
  • 2. Business, Vocational and Financial fulfilment
  • 3. Life Balance and Health
  • 4. Fostering Community

If that is you, then this is the perfect opportunity to recharge all areas of your life. ☺

What You Will Get

Activities you can expect to experience include:

  • Rejuvenating scenery and atmospheres
  • Exquisite dining (breakfast, tea, lunch and dinner)
  • Spa, facials, therapeutic baths and massages
  • Swimming, Yoga, Meditation, Scuba Diving, Hiking and other activities (subject to location of resort).
  • Group coaching, hot seats and mentoring sessions in a relaxed and comfortable setting.
  • Private shopping experiences including chauffer driven tours to select locations.

Each day will include free-time and leisure-time so that participants can absorb key knowledge and regularly recharge.

By the end of 4 days, each participant will walk away with a life-plan workbook, so they can start creating their own versions of a vital lifestyle.

Take a look at what the 4 days will look like…

Day 1 – Relationships

  • Learn to communicate meaningfully with others as a way to deepen your relationships.
  • Understanding the relationship dynamics that occur within the family and how you can appreciate each and every member for the unique differences they bring.
  • Learn about the key elements required to have a healthy relationship with your partner.
  • Group discussion on each person’s experience, and facilitated group coaching to assist every participant with any area of relationships they would like to improve

Day 2&3 – Meaningful Businesses and Careers

  • Deepen your understanding of self as a way to uncover your strengths, and to appreciate the strengths of other individuals in your life.
  • Uncover your passions by deepening your understanding of your core values.
  • Unblock personal obstacles that may be holding you back from living a life by doing something you love.
  • Create methods of monetisation by exploring ways to earn a living through your passions whether in your current career or business.
  • Change your relationship with money in a way that supports your version of a vital lifestyle.
  • Develop your personal vocation and money plan so you can put it into action immediately.

Day 4 –Life Balance, Health and Community

  • Explore hobbies and activities that align with your values, so that you have a zest to experience more of what life has to offer each and every day.
  • How to establish the balance between work and play that allows you to feel fulfilled in both your personal and professional life.
  • Understand health as the complete balance between mind, body and soul.
  • Understand the importance of contribution to a community to foster the development of a society that will pave the way for future generations.
  • The art of giving as it applies to living a fulfilling life
  • Develop your daily rituals and habits needed to sustain a healthy, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Location and Dates

Location – This event will be held in top-notch Luxury VIP locations in Bali and Fiji.

Date – TBA

Applying for the Retreat

To apply for one of 15 available places at Melissa’s Sanctuary for Success, please click here.