Giving Back

Hi, Melissa Simpson here.

I’m proud to be a direct supporter and donator to Midwest Charity Begins at Home, which directly supports cancer sufferers and those with serious illness within our Regional Community (Geraldton, Western Australia).

Midwest Charity Begins at Home raises funds through an annual gala dinner, and fundraising events which are run throughout the year.

I believe that rather than pledging funds everywhere, it’s important to give back to your immediate community where you can directly witness the difference you are making to people’s lives.

During one of the most difficult periods of my life, I was provided with much needed support; when my husband was terminally ill, and after he passed away.

Many others within the community also share similar experiences, and understand the importance of providing for those affected by cancer and serious illness.

I invite you to get involved so you can make a difference too.

Take care,

Melissa Simpson