What Melissa Does and How

Melissa coaches, speaks and trains individuals and businesses to achieve the optimal lifestyle balance whilst raising their market value, enhancing their social impact and growing profitably.

She does this by sharing over 23 years of successful business experience, expert knowledge in personal growth, and practical social entrepreneurship.

Today, Melissa’s clients are experiencing a more fun, fulfilling and stress-free approach to achieving their version of a prosperous life.

Here’s a message from Melissa to you…

From: Melissa Simpson
Subject Line:  A Better Way for Individual, Business and Communities to Prosper!

Dear Friend,

Thanks for popping by, because we’ve got exciting times ahead of us!

More importantly – You have a certain opportunity to create your version of a prosperous life in your career, business, relationships and community.

More fun, greater fulfillment, a healthy bank account and less stress!

Now that’s a Better Way of Living!

So who am I to preach this whole “lifestyle” philosophy to you? So glad you asked…

As the current owner and CEO of ITP Western Australia (WA) regional, I have built a trusted Australian professional services business, managing over 10,000 tax transactions per year across 7 different offices.

For over 23 years, I have put my team, customers, community and the quality of their lives as top priority.

  • Nurturing new and current team members, to play to their strengths and their passions.
  • Making sure customers get the most superior and personalised level of service possible.
  • Fostering business and the wider community to reach out to those in need.

More importantly – Striking the right balance so I can focus on things that are ultimately far more important including; family, leisure, hobbies and retirement.

This simple ethos has helped me thrive through both turbulent economic and personal times.

Of course, things didn’t always run perfectly like a fairytale, but thankfully I’ve learnt from my experiences and have consolidated the key principles needed to live a balanced and prosperous lifestyle.

The very same principles I’ll be sharing with you, if you choose to work with me. So if you:

  • Are building a business from scratch and don’t know where to start.
  • Want to build a high performing team that brings in more profits and expands its positive impact on the community.
  • Are confused and tired of doing a job that isn’t inspiring and doesn’t compensate you for your time and effort.
  • Are overwhelmed by the fact that no matter how much you try to establish a better balance in life your “to do” list just never seems to end.

Then I can help.

So connect with me, explore my programs on offer, and you just might find that we are the right fit for each other ☺

Take care,

Melissa Simpson

“Your Investment in People Demonstrates Your Biggest Commitment to Returns”Melissa Simpson