One on One Coaching – 3 month program


This is Melissa’s One-to-One Coaching program which is limited to 10 clients per year, and consists of 2 x fortnightly 90 minute calls per month, for a period of 3 months.

Entry into this program is by application only.

Areas of Focus

With a background in business development, personal growth, and building high performing teams, Melissa can work with clients in any one or more of the following areas:

  • Business Strategy and Innovation
  • Staff development and leadership
  • Business and career fulfillment
  • Personal wealth and money management

Key Benefits

Here are just some benefits you stand to gain from Melissa’s coaching program:

  • Greater Strategic Clarity that leads to a powerful organizational vision and mission.
  • More Confidence in dealing with the complexities of your business challenges.
  • Generate More Sales by clearly defining and positioning your value to your ideal customers.
  • Increased Repeat Customers thanks to sustainable customer-care strategies.
  • Create High Performing Teams that appreciate each other’s strengths and are aligned to your organizational vision.
  • Balance Your Personal and Business Life so that you can enjoy what you do, and produce outstanding results.

Who is it for?

Melissa’s coaching program is primarily designed for:

  • Business Leaders (e.g. CEOs, CFOs, Executive Members, and Managers) who want a profes-sional to work alongside them to get better results on all levels of their organization.
  • Business Owners who want to scale their profits using proven and simple strategies that deliver value to customers, and which systemize the delivery.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to take their idea to market, build a business, and become profitable.
  • Professionals feeling stuck who want to perform better at their career, who want explore options that allow them to play to their strengths and passions, whilst getting paid handsomely.
  • Individuals at a cross roads in their personal life due to family, relationships or other events, and who want someone to guide them through the transition.

What’s included

A single coaching session typically lasts for 90 minutes, during which Melissa will draw on her 23 years of business experience, personal growth knowledge and social entrepreneurship to help her clients get results. Some include:

  • Scalable Business Performance frameworks for creating effective visions, strategies, operational quality, customer retention and systemization.
  • Proven People Performance Approaches for effective team development and customer service
  • Personal Growth Programs including traditional performance psychology and neuro-linguistic programming.

The pace of the session is generally led by the Coachee, which tends to pick up as deeper levels of rapport and trust are built.

Apply for Melissa’s Coaching Program

To apply for Melissa’s coaching program:

  • 1. Enter your full name, email address and contact details below.
  • 2. Answer this questionnaire:
    • What is it you like most out of working together with Melissa?
    • What is your biggest challenge right now in your business and in your life?
    • What is the annual revenue of your business or job?
    • If you could transform one area in your life, which area would you start with?

If you are a match, Melissa will personally schedule a call with you to get started.


Investment for Melissa’s coaching program will be $8,000 and acceptable payments include:

  • Electronic Bank Transfer
  • PayPal, and
  • Credit Card