Keynote Speaking


1 – Building a Successful Franchise Business

During this talk, Melissa will share the key business strategies she has used to grow a successful franchise business that is a trusted brand throughout the Australian market.

2 – Customer Service for Today’s Market

Here Melissa will uncover the key principles of customer service that are necessary in order to sustain a long-term profitable business, build trusted brand presence in the market place, and to drive business innovation.

3 – Effectively Leading and Nurturing a Team

Here Melissa will share the key aspects of effective leadership as it applies to nurturing team talent, and establishing a culture where individuals appreciate each other’s’ contributions to the whole.

4 – Women and Social Entrepreneurship for Building Communities

During this talk, Melissa will talk about the important role that women play in bringing the community together, and how businesses can provide the right support in their products, services and resources. Melissa’s focus is how businesses can drive positive social change, and pave a better future for generations to come.